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Pupuk dan Pemupukan Kebun Sawit l Pupuk Tablet l Mesin Pupuk Organik -www.kencanaonline.com
Pupuk dan Pemupukan Kebun Sawit l Pupuk Tablet l Mesin Pupuk Organik -www.kencanaonline.com

Pupuk NPK Kelapa Sawit [ Palm Oil Fertilizer]

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Quantity:@ 20 kg per Karton
Pack. & Delivery:karton (D/W, K 200/M150/K200 ( 360x355x263) mm

Efforts to increase production and quality of palm fruit is affected by the nutrient content in plants. High or low nutrient content will determine the optimum level of growth and crop production. To determine the amount of fertilizer use needs, generally performed soil and leaf analysis.

But there is no doubt that the use / application of fertilizer in oil palm plantations have contributed to greenhouse gas ( GHG) emissions. According to the IPCC National Greenhouse Gas, that 1% of fertilizer N lost as N2O, even 4% . Because it is necessary to find a way that ensures all fertilizer nutrients in the fertilizer plant absorbed and decreases the level of loss due to surface water evaporated or washed away.

Gramafix ® Tablets Palm is a specific formula fertilizer for oil palm crops and crop groups other palm ( palm ornament plant, areca nut and coconut) . Nutritional composition designed by considering the number and type of nutrient needs for growth and productivity of oil palm plantations.

Gramafix ® Palm has a complete nutrient such as macro nutrient ( NPK) , secondary nutrient ( Mg / Kieserite, S, Ca) and micro-essential ( Fe, B, Bo / Borat, Mo, Mn, Zn, Co, Cl) and presented in the form 10 gram tablet size ( diameter 24 mm, thickness 15 mm) . With a content of 13 elements - as the genetic needs of oil palm trees and well-shaped tablets, with the nature of nutrient release in a controlled ( slow release) , ensuring customers get the whole farm nutrient needs palm trees at once, without having to do the mixing in the garden. All plants need nutrients for oil to grow according to genetics has been available in every tablet in a coherent, registered with the Ministry of Agriculture Decree No: T904 / BSP / II / 2003.
How application is to create a hole ( use a drill or Portugal would be great) outside the circle of the disk or the distance between the base of the stem up to 3 / 4 a distance of projection into the header or at the threshold of canopy ( canopy) . The tip of the headers is the place empties into the mouth of the roots of oil palm fibers. Portugal point - the point / hole using a drill at a depth of 10-15 cm from soil surface and then place the fertilizer tablets at the four or eight directions of the compass ( 4 point or 8 point) .

By presenting the composition formula of specific nutrients for plants as well as palm and other palms are presented in the form of tablets, fertilizer Gramafix ® Palm guarantee cost savings of fertilizer per hectare, giving ease of transportation and storage of manure. With it, plant maintenance costs become more expensive with the practical application of fertilizer.

Complete Compound Fertilizer Tablet Gramafix ® Palm has a composition formula: 14-8-21-3-6-1 + Micro Element ( Fe, B, Bo, Mo, Mn, Zn, Cl) using the following packaging specifications:

a) packaging in the ( inner packing) : Plastic PE 0, 8-1, waterproof packaging and air, the capacity of 5 kg ( gross weight)

b) The outer packaging ( outer packing) made out of cardboard D / W: a) Size: ( 360 x 355 x 263) mm b) Type of cardboard: K 200 / 150 / K200, c) Capacity: 20 Kg.

With these specifications ensure packaging as transportation, storage and handling of inter-regional transport, including handling at the port becomes more secure, inexpensive and easy.

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