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Pupuk dan Pemupukan Kebun Sawit l Pupuk Tablet l Mesin Pupuk Organik -www.kencanaonline.com

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Pupuk dan Pemupukan Kebun Sawit l Pupuk Tablet l Mesin Pupuk Organik -www.kencanaonline.com
Pupuk dan Pemupukan Kebun Sawit l Pupuk Tablet l Mesin Pupuk Organik -www.kencanaonline.com
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Pupuk dan Pemupukan Kebun Sawit l Pupuk Tablet l Mesin Pupuk Organik -www.kencanaonline.com


Indonesia is often experienced shortages of fertilizer ( urea) which is produced in spite of state-owned enterprise ( Pusri, Kaltim Fertilizer, Fertilizer Kujang, etc.) in the country, while other nutrients are still imported from import sources ( SP and KCl / MOP, the macro element Mg / Kieserite and micro elements / Fe-Mn-Mo-B-Bo-Cu-Cl) . Therefore there is a serious threat to the balance of " supply demand " will be disturbed when fertilizer demand is increasing while the supply is constant. Therefore, a complete compound fertilizer tablets ( PMLT) Gramalet want to answer the problem by providing low-dose solution but always provide all the nutrients in each tablet. With technology and the production of fertilizer Gramalet, doses of the plant in general only 35% compared to the volume of all single-Urea fertilizer mixture, SP and KCL - as recommended Crops Research Institute for this. So his expectations, which can provide SMEs Fertilizer personal service ( taylor made) need to be developed and supported by the government and the customers because it will save the use of fertilizer imports over the years.

Realizing that in the future, chemical fertilizers ( inorganic) as a non-renewable natural materials ( unrenewable) will be increasingly reduced availability, as well as, on the other hand, there is a health awareness of the importance of natural food ( organic) - since 2004, CVSK develop sources of biological fertilizer technology and organic fertilizer. Next, the processing tool CVSK introduce waste into organic fertilizer compost ( composter manual, electric composter, fertilizer and machinery Granulator Rotary Kiln various capacities) .

In the category of material of organic fertilizer ( compost) , CVSK has managed to isolate microbial decomposers and garbage ( probiotics) and various minerals for the continuity of modern composting, hygienic and quick. Microbial decomposers is Green Phoskko ® compost activator [ GP-1] and the mineral is bulking material ( bulking agent) Green Phoskko ® [ GP-2] . The article is useful to accelerate the decomposition ( decomposition) of the traditional 60 days to 5 days. To increase composting by farmers in an effective and efficient, well developed machine tools ( composter) whether the household scale, and environmental scale composter ( Rotary Kiln) scale commercial business. Compost is very beneficial for the hobbies and park managers in making compost by using raw materials derived from domestic waste or, for entrepreneurs to get business - which produces faster than manage waste in homes, factories, markets or apartment environment.

In fact, for the cities that have problems with landfill, the composter will greatly help reduce the waste completely from the source or location of the waste ( families or households, restaurants, malls, markets , factory canteen, vegetable markets and hotels) . For large scale, are also available composter - type large-capacity tool Rotary Klin - with the ability to process 1 m3 of waste ( 1 / 3 Ton) / 5 days, 3 m3 equivalent weight of 1 ton / 5 days to 6 m3 ( 2 Ton) / unit machine / 5 days.


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